Entercom Still Has Many Ongoing Digital Issues


Still In The Weeds

To listen to an ENTERCOM station, you wouldn’t know that all of this digital turmoil is still going on. That’s largely due to the pros who have made it seem like it’s all smooth sailing. Standing ovation!

The ENTERCOM tech teams are still working long, hard hours to get things back to 100%. Standing ovation!

ALL ACCESS hears that behind the scenes it’s still very much a work in progress to untangle the reported ransomware attack. No word on how soon things are back to normal. Email may be a week off as the teams are reportedly focusing on traffic computers and sales …. those may be operational later today.

As FIRST ALERT was setting things up, ENTERCOM’s email system was still sending this bounce back message:

Now might be a very good time to review your own facility’s digital technology and harden up your defenses.

ALL ACCESS wishes everyone at ENTERCOM the best during this horrible digital crisis.

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