Friday At Podcast Movement: It’s A Wrap From Orlando


Final Day

FRIDAY is the final day for PODCAST MOVEMENT 2019 in ORLANDO, with those who stayed over for the last set of sessions finding the ROSEN SHINGLE CREEK venue also occupied by the COLOR STREET nail polish company’s annual conference, which filled the resort’s restaurants and coffee shops with attendees. But the podcasting agenda was filled for the morning as well, offering presentations, sessions, and keynotes on a variety of industry aspects.

MSNBC Exec. Producer of Podcasts and Audio STEVE LICKTEIG visited the JACOBS MEDIA “Broadcasters Meet Podcasters” track for a conversation with PAUL JACOBS, telling his origin story of how the sound of his voice led to his going into radio news and then public radio, and his move to podcasting at SLATE (where “I got my MBA in podcasting”).

LICKTEIG said that the audio version of RACHEL MADDOW’s show gets almost 300,000 downloads per episode, and other shows’ audio performs well, which led to MSNBC being interested in creating original content for podcasts. And he offered an in-depth look at MSNBC’s strategies in podcasting (“it’s about the big swings” — like MADDOW’s “BAG MAN” — more than show audio or a standard weekly interview series) and background for some of the network’s podcasts, like “THE OATH,” CHRIS HAYES’ show, and “13 ALIBIS.”

JAMES CRIDLAND offered a presentation on GOOGLE’s increased activity in podcasting and what podcasters need to know about GOOGLE Podcasts. He pointed out that GOOGLE Ppodcasts is not just an Android app (which turns out not to be necessary for playing podcasts, since the player is installed within Android) but is rather a service that enables streaming through GOOGLE’s smart speakers, GOOGLE Assistant on Android devices and GOOGLE search listing. CRIDLAND stressed the benefits of using the GOOGLE PODCASTS link when publicizing a podcast, not the least of which is its universality (the link works on any device anywhere in the world). He also offered several tips for podcasters to use to simplify access to their shows through GOOGLE searches.

Other scheduled sessions on FRIDAY’s slate included a session with NEIL STRAUSS interviewing PAYNE LINDSEY, PODCASTMUSIC.COM back with another presentation on music licensing, panels on female leadership in podcasting, how “self-taught” creators learned the ropes, and RPG podcasts, more panels on advertising sales, part 2 of AARON MAHNKE’s “podcasting basics,” a session with podcast critics, and presentations on legal issues, audio tech, and repurposing, and a panel on BARSTOOL SPORTS’ revenue growth. The convention’s closing sessions will be keynotes from EAR HUSTLE’s co-hosts EARLONNE WOODS and NIGEL POOR, and Exec. Producer JULIE SHAPIRO and GUY RAZ interviewed by author REZA ASLAN.

PODCAST MOVEMENT will hold two conferences in 2020, one in LOS ANGELES (“PODCAST MOVEMENT EVOLUTION”) FEBRUARY 12th-15th, 2020 and the main conference in DALLAS AUGUST 5th-8th, 2020. Early registration for both is online now — click here for details.

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